dinsdag 19 mei 2009

Corner view on Coffee in Potsdam-Berlin

(Sorry, even alleen in het Engels ivm tijdgebrek ....ik zal het morgen met alle plezier ook in het Nederlands plaatsen als iemand dat graag wil)

This is another posting for *Corner View*, a super idea from Jane of Spain Daily. The group that participates show their little (or not so little) corner of the world. And wow, there have been moments viewing their pictures that I wanted to pack my things and move right away to their corner.

I need my coffee daily and on some days more than others. And today was such a day!
I woke up at 4.30 this morning to say bye bye to Mark, who left for England. He probably wished I had stayed in bed....I´m very grumpy the first hour that I´m awake! ;) So I had my first coffee very early.
Later in the morning I had to go to the dentist. I need to have a dental bridge which will cost about 1000 Euro! That really woke me up when she gave me the bill! I hope Mark still loves me after this morning ....he has to pay it! I´d rather had him pay it on something I could actually see. ;)

Being without a husband and without a friend at hand for some company I took my bike to have a trip along the lake.

This is where I came from.......

on my way......

to have some of these!
And yes Carmie....with a straw. ;) Not because of my trip to the dentist....but this is what you get there instead of a spoon. Must be a beachbar thingy.

When I came home the hubby called that he was not coming home tomorrow, he had to work in Dublin on Thursday. Grrrr....but nice....he has to pay for your teeth!
So I went to my friend to get things in perspective (her husband is in New York for weeks now)and had some coffee at her place. The world looks so much better with some coffee, feet up, us both complaining about the whereabouts of the men in our lives and my fav dog at my side. ;)

So to make a very long story short......that´s my daily coffee!

PS. I got 2 awards today!! One from Flos and one from Pien. I feel so blessed that they gave these to me. As I have said before I feel really sometimes that I am a lousy blogger. I make bad pictures..I don´t even know how my camera works. Just how to click on it and to turn of the flash. That´s so sad...if only I would take the time to read the manual, but as usual, I´m too lazy. So the truth is that I take millions of photo´s and only one or two survive the selection. ;)

So with 3 awards in one week....I feel on top of the world. And it was just what I needed today. You make me laugh, sometimes move me to tears and often give me something to think about. I can be silly with you, travel around the world and admire all the beauty that you put out on your blogs.
So to all who reads this......I forward these awards to all of you! I really have trouble to pick out just a are a special to me for various reasons.
A coffee picture special to me...Mark made this one last Saturday. I saw him taking my coffee (he has never had a sip of coffee in his entire life) and I asked him what he was doing....Making a picture for your Corner View.
That´s why I luv him.....!

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49 opmerkingen:

  1. Thanks for taking us along for your adventure today!! LOVE the top photo with your bike!! You take fabulous photos by the way... be proud!

    Happy Day!! Or, Night!! Not sure what your time is right now...


  2. that´s what coffee is all about!
    thanks for sharing and
    have a nice day!

  3. OMG, I LOOOOVE those polka dot shoes! My 2 year old has a pair exactly the same and I never thought they would be made in adult size!
    Looks pretty nice where you live...
    And your dog looks lovely :)

  4. Love the pictures, love that dog, love the shoes, love the corner!

  5. Great story told around coffee! Life looks good there...a bike ride around the lake, coffee with a straw, cool spotted shoes, and a sweet spotted dog...I'll take it :)

  6. I always love your stories ... especially the teeth part !!!

  7. what a great day, even if you weren't always that happy. and congrats with the awards. i think you have cute photos. have a nice day :)

  8. Thank you for sharing your coffee day with us! Lovely photos.

    Have a great day,

  9. ... what a morning ! Don't tell your husband about the teeth today ! You must keep cool and smile because you have 3 awards blog, don't you ?
    I love your post, it make me laugh ! Don't drink too much coffee today... Oh, I love your funny shoes too !

  10. congrats on your awards! i always love your photos and your stories, so no wonder you get them! :)

    and i like your coffee story.

    btw, good luck with the teeth, i can't believe how expensive it is and i seriously think something wrong with the health system in that regard...

  11. oh, ich habe eine riesenangst vor dem zahnarzt. da sollte ich auch mal wieder hin :-( dein ausflug mit fahrrad sieht ganz entspannt aus, ich liebe deine schuhe, diesen süssen hund, deine fotos und deinen blog. mir geht es genau gleich. ich kann überhaupt nicht fotografieren. ich mache einfach irgendwas. bin auch meist enttäuscht von meinen fotos. vielleicht sollten wir gemeinsam eine weiterbildung starten ;-) oder vielleicht wie du sagst, einfach mal die anleitung lesen. liebe grüsse*

  12. You have a very nice blog. Congratulations on your awards.

  13. Dat is een duur tandarts bezoek, maar met goede tanden heb je een lovely smile, zo moet Mark maar denken. Grappig koffie met een rietje, kwam je misschien wel goed uit naar je tandarts bezoek. Gefeliciteerd met je award, en ik vind niet dat je slechte foto's maakt. De foto,s van de koffie met het touw en van je schoenen vind ik een lijstje waard.
    Groetjes Jo.

  14. What a great coffee day... love the shoes! How could you not have a good day with such cute shoes. It looks like the start to a great knitting project... what will it be?

  15. I like your pictures! The lake is very pretty and I love the shoes!
    None of us are going to be able to sleep this week after all this coffee.

  16. That's a lovely description of your day! Sorry about the husband and your teeth! But great polka dots shoes! Surely they make everything better! That... and coffee!

  17. tu racontes bien les histoires Jeannette !
    J'ai bien ri pour l'histoire du dentiste ;))...pauvre Jeannette !Mais si tu as eu des cheveux blancs avant moi , j'ai eu le bridge avant toi !!and Mark still love you,c'est sûr !!!!!!!!

  18. Ouch! Not a nice way to wake really up ... what are you crocheting?

  19. One more, it's more than a coffee !! Very nice !!! And calm... and no fear ;)

  20. I think after your dentist bill I would have forgotten the coffee and opened a bottle of wine! I hope it didn't hurt too much. Beautiful photos.

    Congrats on the awards! xoxo

  21. hi jeannette! what a great post. call me the next time mark is out of town and i´ll come and keep you company. we can be lazy together. besos jane- p.s. you have a lovely blog!

  22. I feel like I came along with you on the trip! Congrats on the awards!

  23. First things first ... I loooooooove your shoes ! Way too cute !! And second ... I'm ready to pack my bags and come to your corner !! It just looks so beautiful and you make it sound so inviting !! Thanks for the lovely visit !!

  24. Deine Fotos und dein Blog können sich sehr wohl sehen lassen! Schade nur um den heutigen Zahnarztbesuch. Aber wie ich sehe bringt dich das nicht aus der Ruhe :)

    Groetjes uit Nederland :) Nicki

  25. Hej Jeanette,

    das ist ja eine nette Coffeestory! HAbe schon bei Pfefferminza davon gelesen. Ideen habe die Bloggermädels, das ist schon toll!!

    Auch ohne Mann an deiner Seite hast du Zeit doch bestens vertrieben ;O)
    Tolle Schuhe!!


  26. Jeannette, love the shoes (and the dog)! I require daily morning coffee as well or all "hell breaks loose." There is a rule in my house, no asking me for ANYTHING until I have had at least one cup of coffee. This is taken very seriously.
    -Lisa :)

  27. Nu weet ik niet meer door alle talen, of ik nu Nederlands hihihii... duits of engels moet reageren hahaha... Hier zijn de kosten ook voor ons bij de tandarts...... Duuuuurrrr. Heerlijke polkaDot schoenen. Koffie daar heb ik nu zin in. Fijne avond!

  28. i love it. and i love your shoes!

  29. Huge success with your shoes, I'm a fan too!

  30. gefeliciteerd met je awards ,drie maar liefst !!
    Kan me voorstellen dat je daar blij mee was en soms kun je zoiets ook echt even nodig hebben , ik gun je ze dan ook van harte !!
    Mooie en gezellige foto's heb je weer geplaatst , ik vertelde m'n man net over hoe mooi Potsdam me lijkt, het is 5 uur rijden vanaf hier dus wie weet wordt het ooit nog een vakantiebestemming.......
    groetjes Gea

  31. Your shoes go very well with the Dalmatian! Looks like you had a nice walk. Best of luck with the dental bridge! My gosh, 1000 Euro is the price of an average IKEA couch, isn't it??
    And if it's any consolation, my boyfriend will be working abroad for the next year (maybe two). That's the way it goes when we pick the brainy guys!

  32. beautiful place to have a coffee. thank you for sharing:)

  33. Now I think we're twins: I just spent over 800 dollars on dentist, I can't even unglue my eyes until my second cup. I'm grumpy as a bear in the morning. My husband is away AND my dog is a dalmatian mix.

  34. I love your photos! I'm like you, I don't know how my camera works...I just point and shoot (I'm too lazy to figure it all out!). Loving your shoes...sorry about your teeth - but thanks for taking us on a bike ride with you in your beautiful country.

  35. Such a beautiful place! I got up at 6 am this morning, my eyes are half closed...

    I enjoyed your post! Thank you for sharing! ox

  36. Oh coffee - you can trust in coffee to help you get through a day and with a good friend to put things in perspective. Thanks for taking us to your corner. And sharing your day with us.
    Sorry about your teeth. I know a thing or two with pricey dentist bills...

  37. I am loving the scenery, the frosty coffee, the bicycle, the ball of yarn, the darling shoes, the sweet dog .... and most of all, the story of it all


  38. I know this post is about coffee but for some reason I just really feel like going for a bike ride right now.... :-) Happy day!!

  39. Hahaha, wat een ontzettend leuke en gezellige post. Dus je hebt echt met een rietje gedronken, maar vanwege andere redenen. Goh, ik vond deze post echt gezellig en ineens zo lang hoor (moest ik ook zo om lachen trouwens jouw comment bij mij).
    Yep, ik ken dat maar al te goed, dat heen en weer gejet van mijn man, en het is altijd goed als je tenminste een iemand hebt waar je naar toe kunt gaan.
    Meid ik wens je een leuke dag, veel plezier, xxx, Carmela.

  40. Ik heb de slappe lach nu!!! Jouw comment over die SambaBallen....ik heb zo'n buikpijn van het lachen. Je bent echt zo grappig....(bij ModSquad)..het is eigenlijk meer het woord Sambaballen dan jouw comment...ik weet het niet...ik lach nog steeds..

  41. Great post ... and like Ida I miss bike riding looking at your photos :-)

  42. i loved reading your post. feels almost like having coffee together this. i love your shoes.

  43. hi jeannette!!

    thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!!
    i loved yours!
    and yours polka dots shoes!! i just loved!!
    and yes, is very fun coffe with my sisters, by the way, we have a lot moments of fun! you would really love!! rsrs
    see ya!!


  44. A wonderful corner view, and fun story about your daily coffee! Love the picture with the polka dot shoes, and the last picture. It was so sweet of him to make you a coffee for your corner view post :)

  45. mark sounds adorable and i bet you miss him when he's gone! great post!

  46. That is such a cute "together" moment and he's sharing in your blog!!!! Makes you glad to be here.. thanks for the blog it's fascinating. Ali.