dinsdag 16 juni 2009

Corner view "Street fashion" Potsdam-Berlin

Berlin and streetfashion. If you never have been to Berlin you may not know is the city where you sit naked, watching the boats on the river Spree.
Where you wear your ballgown as in the olden days and where you hang your partydress in the street after a night out in town!

Well...ok....I cheated. I didn´t have the time to take some foto´s this week and dived into our ´archives´.
I´m helping my friend who is directing a childrens movie this week. And I´m somewhat of a personal assistant, a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear and babysitter. It is exciting and ooh boy, so not my world. I love the quiet life and the filmbusiness is all but quiet. But I love the atmosphere and to see how a film is made.
I had to play a part only for rehearsal sake and I hated it!!!! Film makes you 10 pounds bigger and in my case I like to think it was actually 50 pound. If you ever want to make sure you keep your diet....go on film and you will go an a water and bread diet. Really!
She wanted to cast me as the ´crazy Dutch neighbour´. Well.. I can see where that comes from as I am Dutch and a neighbour and certainly crazy at times. But to play way.
I´m the girl that fell ´sick´ the moment she had to do something in front of the class and didn´t finish her study French because she was too afraid to be in front of a class. I´m shy and I always try to avoid that someone takes my picture. And then I should go act and be on film? Not gonna happpen! Somewhere deep inside me I wish I had the guts...but that is so deep I can´t be bothered. ;)
So I will be late this week to watch all the hip and maybe not so hip fashion around the world, but I´m looking forward to do my trip around the world and have a look at your blog.
Till then....have fun!

If you want to have a great trip around the world and watch the other Corner Views, look under Corner View in my sidebar! Be sure to visit Jane of Spain Daily, she´s the one who started this all!

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  1. Love these pictures and I too will be late with the Street Fashion thing this week, mostly because i am too nervous to snap people in the streets!! and i have been very busy getting ready for our vacation. Will update soon though.. have fun with the film thing it fascinates me. hugs... Ali.

  2. I love these photos and very creative! It was hard asking people to snap photos of them. I too don't like my picture taken and broke down a tiny bit for the post. Remember I am labeled the crazy lady with the camera! LOL. xoxo

  3. LOVE YOUR PICS! And your comments! Ach ich verstehe, bin auch eher fuer mich und hinter der Kamera als davor...

  4. What great pics and the story about the film made my day. Thanks for the laugh.

  5. I love your street fashion! And the great explanation of why you are so busy this week! Wow - I can really relate!

  6. I'm shy as well and always hated when we were suppose to do plays in schools etc. I also don't like having a party for just me, you know the whole thing about being 'the center of the party'.... I'd love to try and be behind the scenes of a movie though, must be exciting!!

  7. I'd imagine acting would be an interesting experience, disregarding the sudden weight gain. Perhaps you'll find that you're less camera shy afterwords! Have fun!

  8. Geweldige fotos, heerlijk genieten weer even via jou en wat zie ik op afstand een baljurk!!! ;o)

  9. always fun stories at your place ... !!!

  10. wonderful pictures, love the figures watching the river go by, very peaceful. And what a fun/exhausting week for you, always such fun to do something completely different isn't it!

    Street fashion, well there's not alot of that round these parts. Think, beige slacks and beige tops and comfortable shoes...or full on farmer rural 'glamour' Hmm

  11. oh, those are fabulous images for street fashion! i love it!

  12. so jeannette. . . have you sat naked on the river spree? (are you serious?)

  13. Jeanette, your posts are always so creative! Your second photo is fantastic... we were in downtown Hamburg yesterday and saw as equally great statues and sites. I never get tired of it.

    Perhaps acting lessons would help your fear of the camera : ) ... but, sounds exciting just to watch.

  14. Ganz frech....

    Lade dich ein.....


    Mit machen!!!

    Weiter sagen!!!




  15. Très drôle, comme toujours ! bravo Jeannette. Bonne journée ; )

  16. I like this fashion !!! and, like for other corner views... the surprise !!! Passe une bonne journée Jeanette !

  17. hehe, that film story is great! have fun nevertheless!

    and how clever to come up with that street fashion idea. i'm still wondering if i can pluck up the courage to snap people in the street. i'm sure they'll think i'm completely bonkers and may end up being cast as the "crazy german neighbour" in your friend's next movie...

  18. Ik zit hier weer te schuddebuiken achter m´n PC met die humor van jou!! :D
    Die naakte dames en heren zitten in Aken ook bij een fonteintje ergens midden in de stad. Zou me niets verbazen als ze al een paar keer een serieuze zonnesteek gehad zullen hebben, haha!
    Je houdt er alleszins een interessant leven op na: filmsets, babysitter, city-hopper... Amuseer je!
    Bis bald, groetjes, Marjolijn

  19. Hi Jeanette!
    Love your pics....especially the first with the party dress....your blog is fun and I am enjoying your past posts ... great photographs and sense of humor! Take care...Laura

  20. Altijd weer heerlijk om even bij je om het hoekje te kijken.......wat woon je toch in een prachtige omgeving.......
    Fijne dag

  21. Naked...watching the that's a fashion statement for you! Great pictures - love the ballgown - who is she?

  22. I like your pictures of what the fashionable streets are wearing in Berlin!
    Getting to see how a movie is made would also be exciting.

  23. Looks like Berlin people are cool people ;)
    Cheating is good; I'm planning on doing a bit of that this summer!
    Hope you've noticed that I've got a great giveaway going on!
    Trudi xo

  24. Wat een fijne!

    Dag gekke, Nederlandse Buurvrouw ;-)

    Zonnetjes voor jou!

  25. I love the first picture - very interesting. And I enjoyed reading your post - lovely.

  26. great shots jeanette! sounds like you are having a fun week. crazy dutch neighbor- ha! ha! i can do crazy american living in a spanish neighborhood who just happens to be in berlin visiting a crazy dutch friend... :)

  27. jeanette, i love your pictures. didn't know you berliners were nudists! and the dresses hanging in the street. perfect.

    as for you, film assistant, whoosh. big deep breath. now you know what you DO NOT want to do as a living.

  28. What beautiful sculpture! If I ever get to Berlin I must see this. I love this street fashion :)

  29. jeannette
    what a great shots!!!
    i love the first one!!!

  30. So funny I am the same way when it comes to pictures of myself too!!!
    Love this post.

  31. dear jeanette. here right around the corner, some people sit really naked at the lake. i see them every day when i go to take my son from the kindergarten....;-) i like your street style post. wish you a sunny day*

  32. Ha! So great! Actually, I think your photos are perfect for this theme!! Love them!

    Happy Day!